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Cutting-Edge Oncology Drugs

Breakthrough Therapies for Cancer Treatment

Oxford Target Therapeutics (OTT) is a pioneering pharmaceutical company focused on advancing innovative cancer therapies. We specialise in identifying and developing novel drug candidates that target crucial cellular processes involved in cancer progression. Our mission is to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and transformative cancer treatments, empowering hope for patients facing this challenging disease.

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Drug Development

OTT excels in translating scientific discoveries into viable cancer therapeutics. We navigate the complex drug development process, optimising efficacy, safety, and commercial potential for breakthrough cancer medicines.

Transforming Innovation

OTT specialises in addressing unmet medical needs in oncology, with a key focus on difficult-to-treat cancers. Our mission is to develop novel solutions that bring hope to patients and improve their quality of life.

Experienced Team

OTT is led and supported by a diverse team with complementary expertise from the medical sciences with long academic and industrial research experience as well as from the pharmaceutical industry and the capital markets.

The Persistent Battle Against Cancer

As one of the leading causes of death globally, cancer remains a pressing and challenging healthcare issue affecting millions of individuals worldwide. Cancer is characterised by the uncontrolled growth and division of abnormal cells, leading to the formation of tumours or the invasion of healthy tissues. This devastating disease manifests in various forms, impacting numerous organs and systems, resulting in significant physical and emotional hardships for patients and their loved ones.


Breast Cancer new cases each year
deaths annually from Lung Cancer
Prostate Cancer new cases each year
$ million Cancer drug sales each year

Empowering Breakthroughs in Cancer Therapies

Experience the Future of Oncology Innovation

Inter-disciplinary capabilities

Oxford Target Therapeutics is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation by fostering multidisciplinary research collaborations. We actively engage with leading companies, universities, and research institutions to leverage diverse expertise, capitalise on collaboration opportunities, and drive advancements in cancer drug development. Additionally, our strategic partnerships enable us to access specialised resources and capabilities through Contract Research Organizations (CROs), ensuring efficient and effective progress in our drug development programs.

Project Team Consortium

Ignite the Sparks of Innovation

Cancer Masterminds: Pioneering Breakthroughs

Embrace the Future of Oncology Innovation. Accelerate breakthrough cancer therapies by partnering with OTT, at the forefront of pioneering drug discovery and development. Investors and pharma companies, seize the opportunity to access transformative oncology solutions and unlock unparalleled potential for global success. Unleash the Full Potential of Brilliant Minds.

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